Hybrid working has fundamentally changed network security needs.

The increased number of dispersed users that connect to our critical applications, devices, and infrastructure has massively expanded the risk landscape for organizations everywhere. To close vulnerabilities and reduce the risk of security failure, organizations must increase their visibility over network activity and harden access to critical resources - we’re here to help.

Lumeus is an Agentless Zero Trust Networking platform to unify connectivity and control from campus to cloud for IT and Security teams.

Organizations use Lumeus to monitor and detect escalations using AI; secure access by extending MFA and Zero Trust principles to network infrastructure; and segment traffic to prevent lateral movement all with one unified management plane. Lumeus integrates with existing enterprise infrastructure in an agent-less manner, meaning organizations can consolidate management complexity and eliminate traditional maintenance needs from day 1.

Organizations that deploy Lumeus see up to 50% cost savings due to reduced ingress and east-west infrastructure footprint. Deployment also accelerates an organization’s ability to comply with emerging mandates. Regulatory requirements from SOC 2 and PCI-DSS 4.0 demand proper access controls such as MFA, continuous monitoring, and network segmentation - all delivered with the Lumeus platform.

We help organizations align management and policy, harden hybrid access, and reduce the risk of a breach through 3 core principles:

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