Lumeus integrates with FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer to monitor all FortiGate devices with FortiOS version >= 6.4.7. It collects device and status information from FortiManager. FortiAnalyzer is used to collect metrics, events, and logs.


  • Create a user on FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer with JSON API access with Read-only access to an ADOM.

  • All FortiGate should be configured to send logs and events to FortiAnalyzer.

  • SLA monitoring should be enabled on FortiManager. FortiManager should also be configured to send SLA event data to FortiAnalyzerRead-only Organization Access.


  1. Go to Settings -> Integrations and Click on + Fortinet.

  2. In the Create Fortinet Integration form add the following:

    • Name & Description

    • UserName/Password for FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer

    • ADOM

    • Log Type: Select the type of logs which should collected for correlation. Default is Web Filter data.

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