Session Logging

A big challenge pressing IT and Security teams during application performance troubleshooting is the inability to identify network vs application issues. Utilizing multiples tools across teams can lead to a long troubleshooting cycle as a result of excess back-and-forth across teams.

Lumeus solves this problem by stitching network and application performance logs across sessions to provide a unified context specific to the user. It integrates with existing Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tools such as Azure App Insights.

Whenever a network SLA escalation is raised, the engine stitches the traffic logs from the network device with request/dependency logs from the APM tool. APM logs provide the calls made by the application to various downstream components such as databases/backend micro-services. The correlation engine identifies if there is any performance degradation between application and downstream sub-components.

Stitching not only helps identify network vs application issues, but also it helps pinpoint application sub-components. This reduces the mean time to resolve an issue and increases collaboration across teams.

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