Managed Data Plane

A typical enterprise network is fragmented with different types of devices and solutions from multiple vendors. As more applications migrate to cloud, network security becomes more distributed.

Distributed infrastructure increase management complexity due to the scale, fragmentation, and the rate of changes involved. Security and IT teams have to continuously find talent with multi-domain skills and knowledge to configure policies and troubleshoot issues. Incident debugging can be a time-consuming process and leads to unnecessarily high costs.

Lumeus provides a unified mechanism to manage enterprise infrastructure following Zero Trust principles. It works on top of existing devices and requires no rewiring. Customers can use data plane components from the vendor of their choice. This is unique as compared to existing solutions, which can monitor or police only the traffic which passes through their gateways.

Lumeus uses the vendor APIs to integrate with infrastructure resources and enforce Zero Trust policies. It provides simplified abstractions across vendors and uses policy-as-code for automation. Existing security appliances such as firewalls can be leveraged for policy enforcement. There are no performance hits or blind spots.

Lumeus also continuously monitors the infrastructure using APIs to identify any SLA performance or security issue. It leverages application SLAs and metrics from SDWAN to identify application performance issues and provide traffic logs from on-prem and cloud gateways. The solution can be easily deployed in a matter of minutes in opposition to complicated hardware or agent-based installations. This reduces the management overhead significantly by reducing mean time to identify and saving considerable costs in maintenance and management.

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