Google SSO

Lumeus supports integration with Google SSO Workspace using OpenID Connect. Administrators can use the Lumeus Management Portal to add Google as an Identity Provider and manage users.


Addition of IDP involves configuration on both Google Workspaces and Lumeus Portal.

Step 1

Use the steps provided in the document below to configure Google Workspaces.

Please make a note of the ClientID and Client Secret from above. They will be needed in the next step.

Step 2

Add Identity Provider on Lumeus Management Portal.

Go to Settings -> Integrations and Click on + Add Integrations.

  • Select Google SSO. Enter the following in the Create Google SSO Integration form:

    • Name: IDP name

    • Client ID

    • Client Secret

Invite User

  • Go to Applications -> Users and Click on + Create New.

  • In the Create New form add the following:

    • Authentication Type: SSO

    • Email Address

    • Provider: Select IDP configured above

    • Roles: Select from one of the available roles

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