Adaptive Log Management

The Lumeus AI and Correlation engine collects different log types from both infrastructure and application monitoring tools in order to identify the root cause of issues. Some of the logs include:

  • Traffic logs from network devices

  • SLA logs from SDWAN appliances

  • Event logs from devices

  • Flow logs from Cloud Service Providers e.g. AWS, Azure

  • Session logs from APM tools

The scale of these logs causes significant load on devices as well as causes high transfer costs. Lumeus uses Adaptive Log Management to mitigate both of these challenges.

  • Once an escalation is raised, a Workflow is run which collects logs on the impacted network device and related tools.

  • Once the logs are available, the logs are periodically pulled from the vendor device/controller. These are batch processed for stitching and correlation.

  • Once the escalation clears, the log collection is automatically disabled.

  • The logs are periodically archived to cloud storage after a week in order to reduce transfer costs.

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